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7 Amazing Benefits of Joining a Drama Class ...

By Alison

There are so many benefits of joining a drama class that I hardly know where to begin. I've been involved in various aspects of drama and performing on and off throughout my life, and loved every minute of it. Drama helps build your confidence and gives you the chance to meet some great people. So here are some amazing benefits of joining a drama class or group …

1 Confidence

ConfidenceOne of the amazing benefits of joining a drama class is how it helps your confidence grow. You may start off feeling nervous at the thought of performing in front of the smallest audience, but you'll be surprised at how before long you are up on stage without any nerves. Even performing in front of your fellow class members will soon become a comfortable experience.

2 Social

SocialDrama is a very social experience, so it's a great way to meet people when you move to a new town. I've met so many lovely people since joining a drama group and really enjoy the weekly meetings. So if you need to give your social life a boost, join a drama class. Your new friends will also introduce you to more people - you'll soon find yourself being invited to all kinds of activities.


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3 Creative

CreativeSometimes we need to let our creative side loose. Frequently our everyday lives do not provide any opportunities to use our imagination. Or we think that it's just for kids, rather than something adults can enjoy. That's not the case; everyone can benefit from creative activities, and drama is a fantastic way of unleashing your creativity.

4 Fun

FunThen there's the fact that drama is a great deal of fun. At first you may feel self-conscious, but throw yourself into the exercises and it won't take long for your discomfort to pass. You'll find yourself laughing at and with your classmates, and we all know how good laughter is for us.

5 Work Benefits

Work BenefitsParticipating in a drama class can actually be helpful in your career. For example, many people are intimidated by the thought of giving presentations at work, or get nervous when they have a job interview. This is where drama comes in - you learn techniques that will help you, and get used to appearing in front of an audience.

6 New Hobby

New HobbyIf you need a new hobby, drama is a great option and one that opens up a lot of opportunities. You can dedicate as little or as much time as you want. If you're short on time, a weekly class may be enough. Or you can get involved in greater depth and be part of performing a play. It's up to you!

7 Other Aspects

Other AspectsPerforming isn't the only aspect of putting on a play. There are a lot of backstage participants supporting the actors. If you're a textiles student or good at sewing you could work on costumes. You can get involved in writing or directing. Or there's working on publicity, designing the programmes, or working on the ticket office.

Drama is a fantastic hobby; we can't all be professional actors but there is often a very high standard in amateur theatre. Even if you don't want to perform to the public, a drama class is fun, educational and has applications in other parts of your life. It's also very social and friendly. Have you any fun or embarrassing stories about doing drama?

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