7 Great Pet Names Based on Greek Mythology ...


My cousin's cat is named Zeus, which got me thinking about pet names based on Greek mythology. I’m half Greek so my fascination isn’t that far-fetched. And when I was thinking about it, I was surprised at how many pet names based on Greek mythology I could come up with. Here are few of my suggestions if you’re looking for the perfect name!

1. Athena

Dogs are smart! My friend is currently training a German Shepherd for the Seeing Eye Foundation and they are in the process of house-breaking him. Whenever he needed to go to the bathroom, he never went to the back door like they wanted. Instead he went to the bathroom door because he associated that with where people went to the bathroom. I find that brilliant! Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, so why not use this great pet name based on Greek mythology for your pooch?

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