7 Great Mothers Day Gifts Shell Love ...

By Kati

7 Great Mothers Day Gifts Shell Love ...

When do you start thinking about Mother’s Day gifts? If it’s a few days before, you won’t be the only one – and have you ever noticed how many people raid supermarkets and fuel stations the night before?! Buying a present in advance means you have a greater choice, and can even save money, as well as getting something Mom really wants. Check out these great Mother’s Day gifts

1 Skin Care Kits…

Choose the right skin care gift, and your mom will love it. The secret? Buy something special, that she’ll love. Chances are, your mom will have a whole variety of standard items, so your gift needs to be something that makes her feel amazing. My top choice at the moment? Skyn. I’ve fallen for their Iceland range, which combines moisturizers, cleansers and treatments that include exotic ingredients such as white willow bark. It feels amazing on the skin, and gives a definite glow…they make such great Mother’s Day gifts, I’ll be ordering two!

2 Chocolate…

Yes, everyone is on a diet – but a good diet will allow everything in moderation, and this is a great time to enjoy some delicious treats before the summer slimming begins! Green and Blacks have a selection of hand-wrapped chocolates in luxurious boxes, or opt for a different luxury brand such as Lindt. Just remember to opt for quality over quantity – nobody wants hundreds of sickly chocolates.

3 Time…

Okay, you can’t actually give someone time (and when on earth would you choose to have it? An extra-long morning? Another hour in bed? It’s complicated business!) but you can give them a gorgeous watch, and I haven’t met a mom yet who hasn’t smiled when she saw a watch her children bought. They don’t need to be bank-breaking, either, with Sekonda watches coming in plenty of feminine, sparkly designs, and being ideally priced to split between a few siblings.

4 Unusual Jewelry…

Got a style-concious mom? Reject the traditional Mother’s Day jewelry in favor of something much more colorful and stylish, that you’ll be eager to borrow. I love Polkadot jewelry, which combines bright patterns, unique styling and retro materials. You can wear them with anything, from work clothes to little black dresses, so you can be sure that they’ll get plenty of use, too. And be first in line to borrow them!

5 A Bright Bag…

I love getting a new handbag. There’s something about filling it with essentials and taking it out for the first time… if your mom needs a new bag, check out A Gift From The Gods. Their bright jewel-colored bags have been featured across the style magazines this season, combining catwalk styles with a cheaper price tag. There’s some great deals on offer, too.

6 Activities…

The best present my mom has ever had? A food activity day that we booked for her last year. She spent the morning learning how to make perfect cakes, the afternoon whipping up a mean curry, and the afternoon tasting wines outside. We got some great pictures, she got some amazing skills, and we spent a lovely day together. There’s a huge variety on offer, from spas to haircuts, car racing to paintballing, so there will definitely be something for all tastes.

7 Photo Book…

This is one tends to require more time than an off-the-shelf gift, but there are some good offers which make them pretty affordable! Try collecting together photographs and making a personalized photo book. It could be a book of her children, her grandchildren, a recent holiday…anything she’d love to remember. Don’t forget to ask around for photos, too, as there can be some amazing hidden gems! This is a Mother’s Day gift she’ll cherish forever.

Of course, it’s not just about the gift. Spending the day doing something fun – a picnic with the grandkids, making cakes, rock climbing, anything your mom loves – is sure to make her feel loved and appreciated. The right gift is sure to repeat the message, though! What would your dream Mother’s Day gift be? I’d love to know!

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