9 Great Free Amazon Books for Kindle ...

Free Amazon Books for Kindle are my very best friends. I still love real books, nothing beats the smell or the heft or the texture, and I'll happily pay for my Kindle books as well. However, I think it's awesome that you can get free Amazon books for Kindle whenever you want them. There's a list, if you look under Amazon Best Sellers in the Kindle Store. They change frequently, it has to be said, but the classics are always free – and you can find some great new authors when you're lucky. You can find a lot of duds this way, but I find a surprising amount of really fantastic free Amazon books for Kindle, and I wanted to share them with you!

1. The Secret Garden

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Like say, free Amazon books for Kindle are frequently classics. I was delighted to stumble upon The Secret Garden again. This book left be breathless as a child, and rereading it as an adult, I enjoyed it even more. I still absolutely adore Colin for some reason, but I'm okay with that.

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