10 Banned Books ...


10 Banned Books ...
10 Banned Books ...

For every book, there's someone who thinks it shouldn't be read. By that, I don't mean that they think it's not worth reading, rather that it should not be accessible because of "obscene" or "dangerous" content. There's a long list of books that have been banned at some point – including some surprising contenders … here are 10 Banned Books.

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Lolita Price: $9.37 at amazon.com
´Lolita´ is probably one of the two most famous banned books. In the book, the title character was only 12 years old, which is probably why it was banned in the prudish Britain of the 1950s. Perhaps surprisingly, the same did not happen in the US.


Lady Chatterley´s Lover

Lady Chatterley´s Lover Price: $14.71 at amazon.com
´Lady Chatterley´s Lover´ is the other book best known for being banned – and for being the subject of an obscenity trial. It was banned in several countries for its explicit sexual content (especially shocking in the UK, as Lady Chatterley was sleeping with a social inferior!).


American Psycho

American Psycho Price: $10.85 at amazon.com
People may be more familiar with the film version of the book, which describes gruesome murders committed by an apparently charming Wall Street banker. The book can only be sold shrink-wrapped in Australia, but is actually banned in the state of Queensland.


The Bible

The Bible Price: $12.89 at amazon.com
Of all the books you´d expect to see on a banned list, the Bible is perhaps the most unlikely candidate. In the 15th century, copies in English were banned in England for being heretical (one unfortunate translator was burned at the stake). Today, it is apparently banned in some non-Christian countries.


Animal Farm

Animal Farm Price: $8.91 at amazon.com
Orwell´s famous political allegory was banned from publication in the US during the Second World War, as it was seen as critical of the USSR, America´s ally. Today, it is banned in the United Arab Emirates as the talking pigs are considered un-Islamic.


The Well of Loneliness

The Well of Loneliness Price: $11.64 at amazon.com
Now considered a literary classic, at the time of its publication some 80 years ago, this book was seen as far too shocking for British sensibilities. Why was this? The protagonist was a lesbian, and although the book contained no sexual content, it was branded obscene through a court case.


The Grapes of Wrath

The Grapes of Wrath Price: $9.46 at amazon.com
The film adaptation of ´The Grapes of Wrath´, set during the Depression, is considered as much a classic as the book is. However, at the time of publication, it was banned in some parts of the US as certain groups in California did not like the way they had been portrayed.


Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland Price: $9.95 at amazon.com
I´ve never particularly liked Lewis Carroll´s classic, although I was surprised to find that it had been banned. As with ´Animal Farm´, talking animals caused some upset – although this time in the Chinese province of Hunan.


The DaVinci Code

The DaVinci Code Price: $9.95 at amazon.com
Having bravely worked my way through this book, I would happily have banned it for being tedious and overhyped. You might have expected that the Vatican would have banned it, but it was only banned in Lebanon, after upsetting Catholic leaders there. No such luck anywhere else.


Madame Bovary

Madame Bovary Price: $5.95 at amazon.com
Everybody´s heard of ´Madame Bovary´, even if they´ve never read it (I tried another of Flaubert´s works and nearly died of boredom). Perhaps not surprisingly, Emma Bovary´s adultery was too much for 19th century sensibilities, and Flaubert was tried for obscenity.

I´ve read most of these books, and with the exception of The Da Vinci Code, it´s difficult to see with a modern eye why they were ever banned. Of course, in the case of the older books, it´s due to the fact that attitudes were different when they were published. Is there anything that you would (tongue in cheek) like to see banned?

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Its strange now to think in the UK of banning Lady Chatterleys Lover when theres far worse on TV!!!

At school we have a class on banned books...I live in Switzerland but the class is in English language and our teacher always says how glad he is that he doesn't teach at an American high school since he could get in trouble for reading books like Lady Chatterley's Lover in class...Is it really that bad at American high schools?

Its strange now to think in the UK of banning Lady Chatterleys Lover when theres far worse on TV!!!

This shows how humans are so easily scared by simple things. Books are awesome.


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