Giveaway Contest CupcakeTree Handmade Rubber Stamp ...


Giveaway Contest CupcakeTree Handmade Rubber Stamp ...
Giveaway Contest CupcakeTree Handmade Rubber Stamp ...

It's almost the weekend and if you are in the states you will be celebrating Labor Day and the end of summer. We hope that our new handmade rubber stamp giveaway from Etsy shop CupcakeTree will help you end your summer with excitement and happiness. For those overseas we hope that our giveaway will help you enjoy a great weekend! Whether you love to scrapbook, make handmade cards, or know someone who does, these adorable handmade rubber stamps are something everyone can enjoy....
Getting to know Cupcake Tree...
"My name is Olga and I am a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful, wonderful kids. Mackenzie approves all of my stamp ideas and Logan is my studio companion in the desk next to mine. They both craft in the room with me as I do my work… Sponge Bob is frequently playing in the background as I carve!

After finishing my degree in Nutrition at the University of Florida in 1997, I married and started a long journey with my husband while he finished his schooling. Now with his PhD and working at UCF, we have ended up where I have always wanted to be – back home in Orlando, Florida. I am lucky enough to have my parents and grandparents just a few minutes away.

For many years I looked for a venue to sell my craft items. A good friend of mine told me about Etsy and I never looked back. I discovered hand carved rubber stamps through Etsy and tried it for myself. I fell in love with the art form!

My shop opened in August of 2008 with a wonderful response and incredible customers. It is amazing to draw something, transfer it to rubber, carve it out and see the image stamped onto paper.
Carving the Stamps...
Hand carving stamps is really a simple process; you just need patience and the right tools. I personally use large pieces of pink rubber, but it can be done with something as easy as an eraser. I begin by drawing my images onto tracing paper and then transfer them onto the rubber. Next, I carve around the pencil lines with a smaller tool and then use a larger tool to scoop out the rest. Finally, I give the stamp a quick test with some ink to see if I carved out everything, and then voilΓ , I have a new stamp!

I have always been interested in stamping. I spent many years growing my own collection of rubber stamps, experimenting with ink and embossing, now I am able to carve them myself and see what all of my wonderful customers create with them.

The most popular stamps vary, sometimes it is the miniature cupcakes and sometimes it is the tree with initials or lovebirds. My favorite stamp right now is the scooter, I really like how that one turned out (I had been thinking about it for a long time) and I love that you can stamp a little cupcake on the seat or attach a little balloon to the handle. That is one that I use to make cards pretty frequently."
How to Enter...
We want to thank the very sweet Olga from Cupcake Treefor sharing with us this lovely giveaway for our readers, we're always so happy to learn about Etsyshops and give them a voice. One lucky reader will win the choice of either one large handmade rubber stamp, or three mini stamps from Olga's shop. So how do you enter? For one e**ntry, please leave a comment below telling us what you would like to make with one of these adorable stamps; a scrapbook page, a handmade greeting card, a sweet little note for a loved one, or just something creative! For a **2nd entry, stop by Cupcake Treeand leave another comment telling us which stamp is your favorite, like the adorable cupcake, the beautiful tree, or the cool scooter! For a 3rd entry, please leave a comment telling us that you follow All Women Stalkon facebook!

Good luck to everyone and please stop by our other giveawayand Olga's Cupcake Tree shop! Come back next Thursday to see if you are our lucky winner! Have a wonderful weekend stalkers!

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So cute! Thanks for sharing... now I want one of everything!

LOVING these! I think they would be perfect for lunch box notes for my kids. :) Thanks. Lisa

Too adorable- I would use them on my valentines cards and everyday birthdays.

Awesome giveaway! I'd love to use this to design custom cards for family and friends!

I am following you on facebook definately! : )

wow, if i got this stamps, i would stamp everything with these, cards, invites, whatever! adorable and cute, i would definitely use them whenever i make a card or note. :D

Oh my goodness..this is so CUTE. I love the stamps and I would use them for little sweet notes:) Have a great day sunshine. Muah

I would love to make little notes to those dear to me when I bake cupcakes and have this signature stamp on the notes.

Following All Woman Stalk on FB too! ;)

Oh and I guess I have to leave a separate comment for my favorite so yeah..I love the love bird personalized stamp!

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