7 Top Reasons to DIY Paper Christmas Ornaments ...


I am so excited about today's post featuring guest blogger Michele Tremblaywho has blogged with us before about beautiful DIY bridal bouquets. Today she is here to share with us her expertise on DIY paper Christmas tree ornaments, which I am hoping to try my hand at soon with my stepdaughters. Michele has put together an ebookthat you can purchase to impress all of your friends and family members with your own paper ornaments. Continue reading for Michele's 7 Top Reasons to DIY Paper Christmas Ornaments...
Making Christmas Simple with Paper Ornaments...
I have my 7 reasons for making Christmas ornaments out of paper, but first I’d like to tell you briefly about fellow professional Holiday designer, my former business partner Chris Moynihan. Chris was a young, energetic, immensely creative designer whom I met when I was a young designer as well. The thing about Chris that made him different from many of the designers I knew at the time was he thought all things were possible. He NEVER heard the word NO! He could see the possibilities in every situation and for us in available materials. That means that he could take some plumbing supply and turn it into a flower vase or an old desk and see it’s new life as a headboard for his new bed.

Unfortunately Chris also died a young designer, but I’d like to think his resourcefulness lives on… Here is my offering to you Chris and the inspiration you shared with me!

Here are my 7 top reasons for making Paper Tree Ornaments

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Paper is an Easy Material to Find...

One of the things Chris and I always encountered when working for our clients was collecting the right materials. Colors, fabrics, wood, plastic, all kinds of paint, ribbon, and trim and they are never all in the same place…you have to shop for them!


Paper is Inexpensive...

Because we were just starting out and we didn’t really have any stock, which we eventually would collect, we were always looking for ways to save money. Gift wrapped boxes, greeting cards, and ornaments fashioned out of fake sheets of music were all charming and cost effective!


Kid Friendly...

Chris and I never really worried about kid friendly, but we did not like having to clean up broken glass balls in office building lobbies, so anything paperwas welcome. I have included kid friendly because you have no worries that your child will hurt them selves or your pets and these ornaments are easily replaced.


Paper is Universal, Flexible and Can Hold It’s Shape...

Paperis just about perfect this way. You can cut it and fashion it into many, many shapes and it will keep it’s shape, yet you can also fashion it so that there is curving and shapeliness to it.


Paper Can Be Any Color or Texture...

Paperhas the wonderful quality of the chameleon in that it can be changed by paint, glue, cutting, tearing , wetting, and printing. Perfect!


Bonus: Paper is Lightweight...

Love this about paper, especially for these types of projects. Paper is just about perfect. A paper ornamentwon’t pull the tree branches down, it will happily perch exactly where you put it and stay there till it gets removed!


Paper is Beautiful...

Just look at my ornamentsand you will see!

Michele's paper ornaments are unique, beautiful, and will last a life time and fill your home with memories. Please check out Michele's bookand purchase one for yourself or as a gift.

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What beautiful ornament ideas! :)

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