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Fans of the Harry Potter book series have already been introduced to the newest character gracing Pottermore, who is also the star of a new, full profile all her own. Known as a bewitching singer, J. K. Rowling recently revealed that Celestina Warbeck is actually one of her favorite background characters. Given that Rowling has also always envisioned her to look and sound like the stellar, stunning Shirley Bassey, it's no wonder.

Celestina Warbeck's profile is the most recent addition in a series of delightful, Potter-related revelations. Even though the series has come to an end, fans can still get their fix on Pottermore, which reveals a wealth of heretofore unknown information. Plus, of course, we have the upcoming film to look forward to. There's also the Wizarding World – where, incidentally, you can hear Miss Warbeck.

Funnily enough, Celestina just celebrated her birthday – like yours truly, she's a Leo, born on August 18. She was Gryffindor all the way during her time at Hogwarts, and though exquisite, her voice has the power to drown out an entire chorus of screeching banshees. Her father was a wizard and her mother was a Muggle, but no word yet on her one son. Have you read up on Celestina's full profile yet?


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