7 Fantastic Bridal Shower Themes That No One Will Forget ...

So perhaps your best friend is getting married and you need some great ideas for bridal shower themes. Or, maybe you’re looking for ideas for your big bridal shower day. Hey, it never hurts to put a bug in someone’s ear, right? To get some fresh new ideas, I searched the web for the latest trends in bridal shower themes and love what I found! These ideas are different than your standard brunch or dinner out with friends. Create a memorable experience for a bride you care about, or let someone know of a theme you’d like to have for your bridal shower. Either way, there is a little something here for everyone. Pin these ideas to your Pinterest page even if you’re not ready for a bridal shower just yet. You never know when these ideas may come in handy!

1. French Inspired

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Spoil your friends and the bride to be with one of the best bridal shower themes that every girl attending will love! Ask your guests to adorn themselves with jewelry and hairpieces or have an on hand “Adorn Yourself" station with pre-made apparel, hairpieces and makeup styles that mimic those of classy French women, like Coco Chanel. Have some Chanel No. 5 perfume on hand for guests to spritz themselves with, and have plenty of classic little black dresses on hand, or ask guests to wear their favorite. Be sure to pick classic white pearls for jewelry and other dainty pieces of jewelry. Also add any special wardrobe ensembles like feathers, special jewels and anything sparkly. Include a classy white wine or pink wine with wine glasses or champagne glasses for the beverage station. As far as the eats go, be sure to include decadent chocolates, petite sandwiches, strawberry tartlets, macarons, mini servings of chocolate chip ice cream and small dainty mints on hand. If you want to serve cake, make sure it is classic pink or white and adorn with matching jewels and pearls to match everyone’s attire. As a gift option for guests to take home, consider small samples of perfume, or engraved champagne glasses. Keep flower options dainty, such as carnations or classy peonies in baby pink and white to match.

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