8 Diet Apps for Your Android Smartphone ...

Today we have a great **guest post **for **smartphone **users who love their **apps **for every day use. I just got a smartphone myself and I really enjoy going on facebook and twitter. What apps do you use on your smart phone?

"Years ago, smartphones **were mainly just used as a means of communication through text messages and phone calls. Today, because of the continuous innovation, smartphones have evolved from just simple call and text devices. New smartphones have been particularly popular because of their use of different mobile applications and software programs, or simply "apps". Did you know that there are even apps about **health and fitness? Indeed, diet apps have greatly pleased the crowd of smartphone users. Here are 8 diet apps for your Android smartphone..."

1. MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter...

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Photo: MyFitnessPal

"There are many calorie-counting apps out in the smartphone markets today, but one of the most well-known out of them all is MyFitnessPal LLC'svery own Calorie Counter. If you are in a strict diet, you should watch out for the amount of calories that you consume. While some packed foods may have labels that indicate the amount of calories included in certain foods, most of the fast food restaurants and even your own mom do not really indicate the calorie levels in their food. But because ofMyFitness Pal Calorie Counter, you can now check the calorie contents of the food that you are planning to eat."

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