7 Creative Company Logos That Are Pure Brilliance ...

By Michelle

Companies that come up with creative company logos should win an award or something in my mind. It’s impressive to see the brains that go into our everyday household goods. Some of these I didn’t realize until someone pointed them out to me. Check out these creative company logos and share them with your friends!

1 Tostitos

Tostitos The brand-name Tostitos has risen in popularity and it’s no wonder why. The chips are great for parties. But have you ever noticed the creative company logo? The red dot above the “i” in the name “Tostitos” is a bowl of salsa and the yellow triangle above it is a tortilla chip, making the two letters next to it people eating out of the salsa. Isn’t that awesome? Once you see it, you can’t not see it!

2 Ajax

Ajax Ajax cleaner is “stronger than grease.” In Greek mythology, Ajax was an incredibly strong hero. He plays a big role in Homer’s “Illiad.” It’s clever because Ajax, with all his strength, is indeed “stronger than Greece.” I think it’s amazing that this household cleaning product is so brilliantly designed. I can only imagine how excited the logo developer must have been to come up with something so genius.

3 Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins When you take a look at the logo for Baskin Robbins, you can’t help but see the “B” and “R” in the first line. But do you notice the number 31 in the mix? There are 31 flavors of ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Isn’t it awesome that they creatively added the number of flavors they sell into their company logo?

4 FedEx

FedEx This one isn’t as obvious as the other ones but FedEx subtly wants you to know they are constantly moving forward. If you look at the white space between the letter “e” and “x,” you can see an arrow pointing forward. It’s a great way to show the efficiency of the company and subliminally get you to use their company more often.

5 Amazon.com

Amazon.com Amazon sells everything. In fact, it sells everything from “a” to “z,” as you can tell from the yellow arrow that starts and ends under these letters respectively. What’s more, the yellow line beneath the company name also doubles as a satisfied smile. You will be more than happy using Amazon when you look at its logo.

6 Le Tour De France

Le Tour De France We all know about the Tour de France and whether or not we watch it, we know to anticipate it as a long bike-ride. Bicyclists look forward to this event each year. If you check out the logo, you can even see a bicyclists mounted and ready to ride. It’s not as easy to see as some of the other creative company logos but it’s there. Look at the “R” as the sideways body of the bicyclist and you will see it too!

7 Toblerone

Toblerone Ah, the Swiss mountain in the Toblerone logo design is beautiful. And so is the dancing bear hidden in the shape of the mountain. If you didn’t see it before, look again. The dancing bear is a reference to the Swiss village where Toblerone comes from. You should get some Toblerone to show your friends and then enjoy the delicious chocolate when you’re done.

Creative company logos that are pure brilliance make me so happy. Sometimes I can’t believe that I didn’t see it before, but I guess that’s a part of why it’s subliminally in there. It isn’t supposed to be the highlight of the logo. What are other creative company logos that you know?

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