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7 Amazing Kickstarter Campaigns to Support ...

By Stephanie

Crowd-funding has become hugely popular, and Kickstarter Campaigns are at an all-time high, with everyone from musicians to magicians and everything in between hopping on the "you fund it for me" bandwagon. This means that sometimes you have to do a little digging to find the gems, but they exist in abundance! As one of the most beloved crowd-funding sites in the world, Kickstarter is home to thousands of people who are hoping their initiative, brand, product, or general weirdness will catch on. I'm a Kickstarter geek, so I patrol the site often. I've complied a list of my current favorites, and have listed them below. Here are 7 Amazing Kickstarter Campaigns to support!

1 Salts Organics Summer Collection

Vancouver Island designer Jennifer Lynn Graham has one of my favorite Kickstarter Campaigns! Salts' GOTS certified Summer collection is full of designs that move with the body and offer elegance and femininity. The rich hues and flattering cuts celebrate all shapes and sizes.

2 Maddy James Vintage Inspired Lounge Wear

Determined to bring Old Hollywood glamour back to the boudoirs of modern babes, Chicago designer Gina Kimmel has Kickstarted her vintage-inspired collection of soft, feminine nightwear, which harkens back to the days of ultra-glam starlets who would never dream of “sleeping sloppily”! Luxurious fabrics and romantic cuts are featured in pieces adorned with lace and pretty details. Such a cute idea and a really fun collection.


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3 Lightcase

London's Dominic Crinson has created a portable solution for indie artisans and amateur product-photographers alike with an amazing little pop-up photography studio. It allows ambient light in for those stark white, clean product images. The Lightcase is compatible with smart phones and cameras, and folds down to, well, basically a folder. Amazing.

4 Cocoze

Edmonton's Pierre Thomson and company have Kickstarted their innovative coconut fibre flip-flops, looking to create an entirely biodegradable shoe with coconut fibre soles and tops made of hemp and flax. Eco-friendly awesomeness aside, these look amazing and actually exfoliate your feet! No, really, I own a pair and my feet have never been so soft.

5 Princess Charming

L.A. Writer and father Josh Roby has partnered with illustrator and mother Anna Kreider to give the standard fairytale Princess a much-needed makeover. Princess Charming books tell stories of princesses whose appeal is rooted in their adventurous spirits and diversity (including ethnicity, shapes and sizes), not tiaras and perfect hair. Inspiring for kids and parents alike.

6 EverDock Go

Presented by Utah's Fuz Designs, the EverDock is a slick, sleek Universal phone dock. Seriously, this thing works with any phone, any make. Even with auxiliary cables! Plus, it's got a super-swift, simple two-finger removal system. Elegant, practical and Universal? Tech geeks, rejoice!

7 Cella

Cella is an innovative structure that houses small plants or mosses. The flexible plastic “cells” allow for a habitat which enables the plants to thrive indoors and outdoors.The units can be connected, making the aesthetic options endless. Perfect for those who want to be closer to nature, but may not have the environment or space required.

In this article, I've tried to outline a wide variety of Kickstarter campaigns, from fashion to tech, books to photography. I hope you've found something that piques your interest. Are you a Kickstarter junkie like me? Do you have any suggestions for me to check out? Let me know!

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