7 Companies That Are Great to Volunteer for ...

There are quite a few companies that are great to volunteer for. Volunteering is a great way to stay active and helpful in your community, whether it is year round or just every once in a while. I really recommend that we all take some time to give back to those around us. Take a look through these companies that are great to volunteer for and see which best suits you and your passion.

1. Red Cross

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The Red Cross always comes to mind when I think of companies that are great to volunteer for. This organization has been around since May 21, 1881, when it was first founded by Clara Barton. In the decades since, the Red Cross has dedicated itself to the preservation and restoration of communities around the world. From disaster relief to CPR classes, this organization prides itself on the different ways that it is able to touch and impact lives. Find out more at redcross.org.

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