7 Things You Need in Your Office to Be Most Productive and Happy ...


There are things you need in your office to be productive and happy. I don’t know about you but when I am working, I want my time to count. I want my office to help me to be the best I can be in my job. Having these things you need in your office can help you to do that.

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Small Heater or Fan

Small Heater or Fan If I am too cold or too hot, I am not going to be at my best for my job. I will be concentrating more on my comfort level than my productivity. Therefore, it is good to have a small heater or fan in your office to make sure that you are comfortable while you work. It is amazing how this small factor matters so much. Because it does, a small heater or fan are both things you need in your office. The right temperature in your office can absolutely increase productivity.


A Comfortable Chair

A Comfortable Chair A comfortable chair is a must in your office. In fact, having your office set up to keep you comfortable in all ways that pertain to ergonomics matters. But it seems as if the chair is kind of the focal point in that area of concern. If your chair is not comfortable, you will not be able to work well. It is worth the money to purchase a comfortable chair.



It is hard to work when you are starving. At least, that has been my experience. When I am trying to work when I am hungry, I find that my mind is wondering to food rather than the work I need to do. Because of this, I have learned it is best to keep a few snacks tucked away in my office. A few good choices include dried fruit, granola bars and peanut butter and crackers.



Organization I cannot work when my office is in disarray. Disorganization is upsetting and distracting to me. I suspect it is to many others as well. So, I have learned to try to keep my office as neat as possible. It takes very little effort and helps me to be tremendously more productive.



Wherever I am, there is sure to be a bottle of water close at hand. This includes my office. This helps me to stay hydrated throughout my day and also prevents me from having to take breaks to go drink a glass of water. It just adds to my overall comfort level. It helps me to feel like I have everything I need close by.



Kleenexes This may not be a universal need but I like to have a box of Kleenexes close by. I suffer from allergies and often need them. Keeping your own personal box of Kleenex is also a great way to cut down on germs being spread from sharing a box with everyone in your office. It is something that costs only a couple of dollars but can greatly add to your comfort level. Another great item that ties right in with keeping Kleenex in your office is hand sanitizer.



Quiet Everyone is different. Some people thrive in a busy environment. I think it depends on the line of work that you are in. For myself, I really need quiet to be at my best. I work much better without the distraction that noise brings.

What about you? What do you need in your office to be your most productive and happy? Please share your secrets with us!

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I am the loud-sound- maker when having a phone conversation.. So I feel comfortable when other people work loudly and busy

I work best with background music, so having a radio on is essential for me!

I love working to music aswell.. Spotify is always on.. I also love having a little plant near or on my desk :)

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