9 Common White Lies That Really Aren't so Bad ...

By Amber

Sometimes it’s just one of those days where common white lies have to make an appearance. Whether you’re having a nervous breakdown on the inside, or you’re simply fighting against reaching the Dirty Thirty, these white lies come in handy. They’re pretty harmless and actually end up doing you some good in some cases. So, I guess the common white lies I’ve listed here aren’t all so bad!

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“I’m Fine”

Everyone has uttered this phrase at least once in their lives. It’s definitely one of the most common white lies, not to mention, useful! When someone asks you how you’re doing, or if you’re okay, fine is typically the expected response. If you instead replace “Fine” or “I’m fine” with what’s actually happening in your life, you’ll either end up confusing that person or lending them an earful. It’s not really so much a lie, as it is saving you time for explanations to people you might not want to share every detail with. That sounds really exhausting!


“I’ll Call You Later”

I’m definitely guilty of this on so many occasions, I’ve lost count. Unfortunately, that’s usually the way I hang up the phone. In my opinion, saying goodbye is overrated. Why say something so definite when you can tell them you’ll talk to them soon? I mean, later doesn’t have to be the same day, does it?


“It Wasn’t Me”

This one is pretty popular when people don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. Whether someone passed gas, made a mistake at work or school or any other minor fumble, “It wasn’t me” is often said. Sometimes this can be malicious in the case of a cheating significant other, but others times it’s playfully harmless.


“Be Ready in 5 Minutes”

Ladies, when we say “Be in there in 5 minutes,” we're all fully aware that we’re actually still in our houses trying to decide what to wear or putting the finishing touches on our makeup. If your boyfriend wants you to look as good as you always do, then he’s just going to have to deal. Just try not to make him wait too long!


“I’ll Get to It Tomorrow”

I must admit, procrastination affects the best of us. Sometimes whatever you have to do really isn’t that pressing and it actually can wait until tomorrow, but let’s be honest; how often does that really happen? Putting it off one day is okay, but get to it soon, or it’ll be bigger than just a little white lie!

Famous Quotes

Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.

Niccolò Machiavelli

“I Was Stuck in Traffic”

For some strange reason, I’m always running late to just about everything, and this is indeed my backup excuse. Almost everyone I can think of uses this white lie when they’ve overslept, or otherwise. It totally takes the blame off of you. After all, there was no way you could’ve anticipated this before you left, right? I’m sure your boss or professor would understand.


Your Age

Both men and women are guilty of undercutting (or adding years onto) their age, but women tend to do it more. As we get older, we start to really feel the years, so it’s easier to just repeat the same age over and over. No one really needs to know anyway. Just as long as you keep getting presents on your birthday, you could be 29 (or any other desirable age) for as long as you want!


“It Was Nice to Meet You”

Sometimes it’s true, but occasionally you absolutely detested the entire interaction with that person. But, you can’t just go around telling people that they suck--that’ll cause way too much drama. For the sake of politeness and manners (and your sanity), just fake a smile, and keep it moving!


“Thanks, I Love It”

A response saved for when you receive gifts you don’t like. Sure, you’re grateful, but it might possibly be the worst gift you've ever received. Nonetheless, it’s up to you to seem like a nice, gracious person and thank them for their useless dud. It’s the effort that counts, right?

When you find yourself in an uncomfortable predicament and don’t know what to say, whip out one of these common white lies if the situation calls for it. Sure, they’re still lies, but that don’t have a seriously negative effect on anyone’s life. No harm done! Have you used any of these?

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Number 8 is a classic. I agree with not hurting people's feelings and telling them they are a complete and utter disaster- that they suck, but I have to admit some people just deserve it. I think that but don't act upon my wanting to state a couple truths to their faces

Truth hurts sometimes but it will set you free . So i think its better to tell the truth .

This reminds me of that dating site question: What is the biggest lie you've ever told?" So many people answer "I don't lie." LIAR! I think #1 is being polite: most people really don't what to know how you are, they are asking to be polite. Also, experience has taught me that using #5 often does more harm than good. Better to say "give me a half-hour" than to say you'll be ready in 5, and make someone/anyone wait...

I don't think age should be on this list for many obvious reasons.

Lol "you can't go around telling people they suck." You can't? Oopsie. Sometimes a really awful person just needs to know!

I really liked it

I really like it....

I find a way to be honest or just keep my mouth shut. I take people at their word so now I understand why I usually get disappointed if these are seen as harmless...

Do not see this even being normal.It is not hard to say the truth, I dislike people always making these shitty excuses.