7 Common Items to Defend Yourself with when Faced with Danger ...


7 Common Items to Defend Yourself with when Faced with Danger ...
7 Common Items to Defend Yourself with when Faced with Danger ...

There are everyday items to defend yourself with if you’re ever placed in an unfortunate situation. Most of the materials can be found in your pocketbook, so you’ll always have them handy. Make sure that you know how to use these items to defend yourself with in case of an emergency. You never know when you’re going to need them.

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Spray Perfumes

Spray Perfumes Do you carry around a small spray bottle of your favorite scent? If you do, you can use it for more than smelling fresh. Perfume works in the same way as mace. Just spray it into your attacker’s eyes and they’ll be temporarily blinded. One of the items to defend yourself with can fit in your pocketbook and the palm of your hand when you’re walking down a sketchy street.


Car Keys

Car Keys Whenever you walk to your car, keep your keys between your fingers. That way, if someone approaches you, you can use them as a weapon. If you punch someone with the keys between your fingers, you’ll inflict more damage. Use whatever you can to your advantage. You should always have your keys on you, so they’re a weapon of choice.



Coffee Do you always have a Starbucks cup in your hand? If you’re carrying a hot cup of coffee or other liquid, you can use it to defend yourself. Splash it in your attacker’s face in hopes of burning them or damaging their sight. If that doesn’t happen, hopefully it will distract them for long enough for you to get away. It’s worth a shot.


High Heels

High Heels Shoes are a girl’s best friend. If you have enough time to kick off your heels, do so. You’ll be able to run easier if you’re not hobbling in high shoes. You can also use the heels in order to jab the attacker. Aim for his eyes or any other sensitive area.



Umbrella Do you always keep an umbrella on you in case of bad weather? If so, this tip is for you. Umbrellas can protect you from more than just rain. They’re pointed and can be used to stab or hit like you would with a baseball bat. They can also be a barrier between you and the person aiming to hurt you.


Pens and Pencils

Pens and Pencils If you’re carrying a pocketbook, there must be a pen in it somewhere. Keep it in a location that’s easy to get to, so that you can pull it out as soon as you need it. It’s such a simple object, but it can work wonders. Use it to stab your attacker in the temple, neck, or eyes. It might be enough to save you, so don’t underestimate the importance of carrying one around.



Scarf If you’re wearing a scarf, immediately remove it. You don’t want the attacker to use it against you when you can use it against him. If you’re still wearing it, someone could use it to choke you. If you remove it, you can wrap it around your hand to protect you from injury. If you’re especially nimble, you can find a way to wrap it around the attacker.

If you’re ever stuck in a situation where you need to defend yourself, use any means necessary in order to get away. Protecting yourself is essential. Do you have any tips or techniques on how to defend yourself?

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Hairspray also work as a mase and its stickiness can blind the attacker for a longer time. Also works as a bug spray when needed :)

How many people actually think these can help them when they are going to get attacked, as much as I don't want to appear weak I tend to freeze up and I feel the best way to react is by not showing a reaction to the attacker, stay calm and always carry a rape alarm male or female :)

The issue is u never know HOW u will react. For those of you who think you will do nothing I suggest you take a self defense class. Sometimes staying calm does help by not escalating an event like a robbery but a rapist will attempt to rape u and a killer will attempt to kill you so if you are in danger then fight for your life!! Eyes, genital squeeze, throat, a punch to the main artery in the neck, everything is a weapon especially your voice so Yell and scream if you can. Be safe! I hope none of us ever need these techniques.

Haha! I get this funny mental image of a woman stabbing an attacker in the eye....


The perfume and scarf wouldn't work for me...but everything else is good! Also I was taught to run in a zigzag direction when it comes to people with a gun and have a decoy wallet to throw because that's usually what they want.

I want the wings keyring on step 2! :( Interesting read :)

How would you use car keys? Plus what if your defending yourself with an anonymous object like coffee, you can run away with it but the attacker will be more angry and get you

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