7 Closet Organizing Tips ...


Closet organizing tips are helpful any time, but especially if you're thinking about doing some spring cleaning. If your closets look like mine you are probably in need of some closet organization tips for sure. If you get nervous that something is going to come crashing down on your head whenever you open up the doors to your closet or afraid you are going to walk into your large closet and never make it out again, then don’t worry. I’ve put together a list of tips for closet organization to get us all back on track and out of mayhem.

1. Let It Go

One of the first closet organizing tips is also the most painful for many people. Let’s be real, if you haven’t worn it or it hasn’t fit since Mischa Barton left the O.C., it’s time to let it go. If it has holes, weird strains, or just don’t like it, move on. There is no need to hold onto things you don’t absolutely love and enjoy wearing. Get rid of that old stuff and make room for new fabulous things you will actually wear.

Sort Clothes
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