8 Classic Relationship Issues and Ways to Overcome Them ...


8 Classic Relationship Issues and Ways to Overcome Them ...
8 Classic Relationship Issues and Ways to Overcome Them ...

Relationship Issues are never easy to deal with. I know that the BH and I have had our differences in many different ways. We have also worked out a lot of our relationship issues and you can too! Below, I will talk about some of the classic relationship issues that every single person has dealt with and how to work through them. Remember, relationships are not easy all of the time – but they are worth it, if you are truly in love!

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Of course communication would be #1. One of the first things that most people forget about when they have been in a relationship for a while is communication. The BH and I have had a hard time overcoming this one, but we have also learned to talk about our problems. If you truly love your boy/girlfriend, talk to them. There are many ways to communicate; whether it is through the internet, phone or even writing a letter. Getting your feelings out will help you both work through it!


No Sex

While some relationships are built off of sex, no sex can also be a huge problem. This is one of the classic relationships issues that you will have to talk about to solve. Why aren't you having sex? Is there something that is not being said? Are you still attracted to one another? Find out the core of your relationships issues, that way you can work them out.


Financial Problems

The biggest fights that my parents had when I was a child was over money. When you are in high school and have a boyfriend, money never seems to come into play. When you are in a seriously committed relationship and getting married or living together, money will become a fight. There are ways to overcome it though. Sticking to a budget and also communicating to your partner about your financial issues will help. It all draws back to that communication piece doesn't it?



If you aren't fighting about money, you are probably fighting over the housework right? Who is going to do what? That's a common 'discussion' in my home. To overcome our housework issue, we made a list of everything out we like to do – chore wise. For example, I like to vacuum, that became my 'chore'. If you do something like this, it makes it easier to split the housework and it doesn't become one of the huge relationship issues.


Trust Issues

Trust and communication is what all relationships are built on. If you are in a relationship, you have to be able to trust them with everything. If you don't trust your partner, why? You need to get to the core of why you don't trust them, why you are having problems trusting them, that way you can figure out if you really should be with that person or if you can move past your trust issues.



You probably all face conflicts in your career right? It should make sense that you are going to face conflicts in your relationship. A conflict is a cross between a fight and a discussion, it is something that could end up as a fight or could fizzle out. Your goal should be to resolve whatever the conflict is. Talking about it and even admitting you're wrong (if you are wrong), are great ways to resolve conflict.



If you have been with someone for a while, you can get bored. I recently had a talk with my mom, who has been with my dad for over 30 years and she has admitted to getting bored. That prompted the question on how she kept the relationship fresh and how she still isn't bored. One thing that she does is make sure that she doesn't lose herself in the relationship. If you enjoy camping, your partner doesn't – are you going to stop camping? You should still be able to do what you want to do, even though you are with someone. This will not only keep you from being bored but hey, maybe your partner will try something new with you once in a while!



As mentioned above, it can be really easy to lose yourself in a relationship. This can actually lead to resentment, this can build up for years and years. Don't lose yourself in your relationship, make sure that you keep your person in tact and I promise, this won't be an issue in your relationship!

I know that the BH and I have worked through a ton of different relationship issues and we are still together. If you find yourself in any one of these relationship issues, just try to talk it out. Sometimes, just having a conversation will allow you both to lay the groundwork and truly work through your problems. What type of relationship issues have you faced and overcome in your relationships? I'd love to hear some feedback!

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Awesome article, Heather! Good on the housework bit, especially. ;)

What does BH stand for?

good article...so true! (plus dear john pic is too cute)

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