10 Childish Things to Never Give up or Stop Loving ...


As we grow up, we tend to forget and stop doing childish things because we are supposed to behave like an adult, and not indulge in juvenile behavior or act like a kid. But, there are some childish things that keep us feeling young, keep us connected to our childhoods, and are just simply fun, fun, fun to do. Here are 10 Childish things to Never Give Up or Stop Loving.

1. Loving Every Birthday

As we grow up, we start not only dreading birthdays but detesting them – the connotations attached to birthdays remind us that we are getting older, and they make us depressed, rather than joyful. But when we were kids, we loved every minute, counted the sleeps until the day, and added on a half year to every age proudly when we announced to someone how old we were. There is something very special about loving the birthday spirit and celebrating it with joy and love – embrace it.

Launching off into Piles of Leaves
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