10 Broadway Shows of 2011 You Have to See ...


10 Broadway Shows of 2011 You Have to See ...
10 Broadway Shows of 2011 You Have to See ...

Broadway Shows are always a “must do” when you are in New York. The atmosphere of expectation of what is offered on Broadway and choosing what appeals to you, the excitement about just being there, the inviting bright lights of the theaters and the variety of décor once inside them. The way you are mesmerized when the curtain goes up and the lights dimmed in the auditorium is a very special feeling that you undergo. Then, of course, there is the quality of the Broadway shows themselves. Once again this year, there are some very interesting spectaculars for lovers of the theatrical arts, and here are 10 Broadway shows of 2011 you have to see.

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Billy Elliot, the Musical

This is a show with a successful run since 2008. It is a story of a miner's son whose passion is dancing. His father however, does not approve and wants him to be a boxer. Eventually, when the chance arises for his acceptance at the Royal School of Ballet, his father becomes agreeable and Billy goes onto become a dancer of repute. Musical score is by Elton John. This is at the Imperial Theater



This glitzy musical is about an ordinary homemaker (Roxie Hart). Her speciality is manipulating other people. She kills her boyfriend and deceives her husband. The music score is by John Kander and lyrics by Fred Ebb. This is at the Ambassador Theater. It may have been running for a while but the allure continues and Chicago will be one of the Broadway shows of 2011 you have to see if you haven’t had the experience yet.


Mamma Mia

This is one of the most popular Broadway shows; it is delightful and funny. It’s a fantasy on the whodunit theme - the mother, not sure who is the father of her daughter, is confronted by all 3 candidates at the wedding. This is at the Winter Garden Theater and is a must for anyone who loves ABBA or fancies a romping good sing-a-long!


War Horse

A drama at the Lincoln Center set at the beginning of World War I. When Joey, a horse belonging to young Albert, is shipped to France, his master, who although not old enough, manages to enlist in the army with the intention of finding find Joey somewhere in the war zone.


Anything Goes

This is a popular musical comedy at the Stephen Sondheim Theater. You can almost guarantee that one of the top Broadway shows of 2011 would feature a musical by Cole Porter. This one involves two very different couples that under normal circumstances would not attract each other, but with odd happenings and being at sea, anything can happen!


The Jersey Boys

On at the August Wilson Theater, this is without a doubt one of the big hits of the 2011 shows. It’s a biopic of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, sensational icons of pop music. This is very entertaining with a great vibe to it.


The Addams Family

This is a story of a dysfunctional family possessing a large dining table that they never use. Suddenly, finding it necessary to have dining visitors, they discover that life will never be the same again. This musical created by Charles Addams, is one of the top Broadway shows for 2011 and is playing at the Lunt Fontanne Theater.


Baby It's You

This is at the Broadhurst Theater. Written by Floyd Mutrix and Colin Escott, it’s a musical story of Florence Greenberg's success in becoming a highly successful female President of a record company; a male dominated profession, right?



This show won numerous 2010 Tony Awards. Now it is playing at the Schubert Theater. It’s the story of a 1950's DJ playing Afro-American music to a white audience. Inspired by Dewey Philips, the music is now “rock 'n roll."


How to Succeed in Business

Playing at the Al Hirschfeld Theater, this is a satirical musical about a window cleaner and his rise to Vice President of advertising through unusual methods. Starring none other than Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), it’s bound to be one of the top Broadway shows of 2011.

Clearly, there are many Broadway shows you have to catch this year if you can. Musicals, serious thought provoking dramas, comedies – New York’s theater land is still at the top of the world’s great artistic destinations, and you can currently find Broadway shows fitting every genre. I hope this list of 10 Broadway shows of 2011 you have to see will serve as an encouragement for you to have an enjoyable night out at the theater. Which Broadway shows are you dying to see?

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Rock of Ages!!!

No Book of Mormon?

I haven't seen them in Broadway, but have seen some of them in the West End; Billy Elliot (sooo good, loved it, made me cry), Chicago (was ok, thought it was going to be better) and Jersey Boys (went not knowing what to think, but realised I knew loads of songs and it was really good!) Have you got Ghost on Broadway? I went to see that a little while back and, oh my, it was SO GOOD. One of the best I have seen, with all of the special effects! So good that I am going back to see it next month! Also Legally Blonde and We Will Rock you are pretty great. Ok enough of me raving, I'm a real Musical Theatre lover!

Don't forget Legally Blonde the Musical!!!

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