10 Fun Christmas Movies You Have to Watch This Holiday Season ...


10 Fun Christmas Movies You Have to Watch This Holiday Season ...
10 Fun Christmas Movies You Have to Watch This Holiday Season ...

Christmas Movies are one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season! Christmas movies are the only movies that I deem "acceptable" to be a little quirky and silly. Ordinarily, I like movies that have action or a thrilling chain of events. But Christmas movies are often heartwarming and cute, and that's ok! Here is a list of 10 fun Christmas movies you have to watch this holiday season!

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It's a Wonderful Life

This is one of my all-time, never gets old, watch it every year, favorite Christmas movies ever! I love that it's black and white, yet when you watch it, it feels full of color. If you have never seen this movie, add it to your must-see list this year. It's a classic in my book!


Surviving Christmas

If you need a good laugh, sit down and watch Surviving Christmas! It's one of the most hilarious Christmas movies of all time! I love it. Ben Affleck does an excellent job of portraying his character. I'm sure you will agree when you see it!


The Christmas Shoes

I cannot watch this movie without bawling my eyes out! Such a tender, yet heartwarming drama that many people can relate with. Watching a loved one deal with sickness is something that is hard to deal with, especially for a child. This Christmas movie will remind you what Christmas is all about.


White Christmas

This is one of the oldies but goodies! My husband and his family introduced me to this movie a few years back. It's a tradition in his family to watch it every year. I love the humor in it! This is one of the Christmas movies you need to see this year!


The Nativity Story

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of this time of year, let us not forget the true reason for the season! This is easily the best portrayal of the nativity story I have ever seen. It's one of my favorite Christmas movies and I know it will be yours too.


Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We all need to add a few classic cartoons to our Christmas season! Santa Claus Is Coming To Town is one of my favorite classic Christmas movies, and I'm pretty sure most people will say that, especially if they saw this cartoon as a child. I remember my mother sitting down to watch it with us and telling us how she remembered watching it at our age. Great memories!


A Christmas Romance

You knew I had to have at least one sappy Christmas romance in this list of fun Christmas movies! A Christmas Romance has been a tradition for my family to watch year after year at Christmas. Why don't you watch it yourself and see why we love it so much!


Miracle on 34th Street

This is one of my favorite Christmas movies! I love the older version, but the new version is so heartwarming! I think the little girl who portrays Susan is very adorable and sweet, don't you?


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Ah, another great classic cartoon! How The Grinch Stole Christmas is easily one of the most popular Christmas movies of all time, don't you think so? That little green man creeps into all our little hearts and steals them away!


The Santa Clause

There's probably not very many people who HAVEN'T seen the Santa Clause movie with Tim Allen, and those who have seen it, have probably seen it multiple times! I love all three of these Christmas movies! Go ahead and check out the sequels to this fun, mythical, holiday movie!

There are so many more Christmas Movies I would love to add to this list, but if I don't stop sometime soon, I'll keep you here all day talking about Christmas movies I love! What do you think about this list? Are there any Christmas movies you love that I didn't mention? Please comment below with YOUR ideas and opinions, I love hearing from you!

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