7 Brilliant Reasons to Watch Jersey Shore ...


Why Watch Jersey Shore? It's a question that I've gotten so many times when I admit that I watch Jersey Shore so I decided to spread the word about this trashy reality TV show! I thought that I'd make a list of all of the reasons why watch Jersey Shore! Jersey Shore is a beautiful train-wreck of a show and if you aren't a fan yet – trust me, after these 7 reasons why watch Jersey Shore you'll instantly become addicted!

1. Snooki

I love this girl. She is fun, flirty and her one line statements are some of the funniest (come on – whale sperm makes the ocean salty, that is super funny). If you are wondering one of the top reasons why watch Jersey Shore, she is it. Now, in the new season she is even better! She's the Italian meatball of the show and I know when you watch it, you'll love her!

Ron & Sammi
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