8 Best Places to Download Audio Books Online ...


Download Audio Books and you suddenly have tons of time to read – or to listen, at least! While I'm a huge supporter of the written word, because I love the smell and texture of books, there are occasions when a Kindle book works better for me, or when I download audio books so I can keep my hands free. They come in handy so often, like on those endless car rides where the radio sucks, you're tired of all your CDs, and you don't really want to talk. I've put together a list of the best places to download audio books online, some of which have free services!

1. the Audio Bookstore

It was tempting to begin this list with Amazon as the best place to download audio books but, as you'll see, it's further down the list. I like the Audio Bookstore best because of its versatility (it promises compatibility with more than 500 devices), its selection (you download more than 85,000 audio books, and there are CDs to buy as well), and its prices. Typically, right now, it costs about $7.49 to download an audio book!

Books Should Be Free
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