8 Best Apps for Personal Development ...


There are apps for just about anything, and given that one of their primary functions is to help us, it’s no surprise there is a good range of apps for personal development. Whether you need assistance with a particular aspect of your life to help with your career, some relationship advice or even how to better manage your time, it’s covered by apps for personal development. Read on to learn about a few you might find useful.

1. Einstein Brain Trainer HD

Some of the most popular apps for personal development are those which are designed to train your brain. This app does just that; a series of tasks will require your brain to think about puzzles and logic games, meaning that your brain will renew and/or improve its ability to solve puzzles and think laterally. The more points you score, the harder the puzzles will become – an effective yet simple way to train your brain!

Know Your Type Personality Test
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