7 Fashion Apps We Can't Live without ...


7 Fashion Apps We Can't Live without ...
7 Fashion Apps We Can't Live without ...

I’ve been downloading a huge number of fashion apps recently – it seems the app market has finally come alive for more than just great games, and I’m loving exploring the possibilities! My mobile and tablet have become home to everything, from my beloved AllWomenStalk app to fitness apps, diet apps, health apps and even style apps – here are my favorites so far.

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Speak Chic…

Speak Chic… itunes.apple.com

This one is a simple idea – an app that lists over 30o brands and designers, giving you a cheatsheet of information and instructions on how to pronounce the name for each one. There’s even little recordings for you to practice with. Knowing whether to roll your ‘R’ makes all the difference when you’re showing off your fashion knowledge, and this was one of the most wanted fashion apps at this years’ fashion weeks – it’s a must-have!


Go Try It on…

Go Try It on… itunes.apple.com

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, this app aims to answer all our niggly style questions. Want to know if that green shirt goes well with your complexion, or if you can add a chunky knit to that dress? Post your question and have it answered by a network of bloggers, friends and connections, along with answering other people’s questions and keeping a photo diary of your outfits. There’s even an outfit-planning facility. Connect it up, and you’ll never stop using it.



Cloth… itunes.apple.com

It’s no wonder this is one of the hottest fashion apps around! Set up by a designer PR girl, this app allows you to create a virtual wardrobe of your hottest outfits, and categorize them by weather and occasion. Smize, snap and save the looks you love the most, and share your portfolio of successes with friends and family. You can even invite comments and shares. This is a great app for showing off your style, and making sure you always know what to wear, whatever the weather!



Net-a-Porter… itunes.apple.com

This is one of the best shopping apps I’ve ever used. The sleek catalog updates regularly to show off the hottest new outfits and looks, and it’s possible to store all your vital shopping details inside the app, making it oh-so-easy to shop a whole new outfit. With designers like Alexander Wang and Diane von Furstenberg in HD, you’ll love checking out the outfits even if your budget is more Forever-21. Inspiration and easy shopping, all in one.


Chic Feed…

Chic Feed… itunes.apple.com

There are millions of fashion blogs on the internet, and hundreds of outfits worth looking at. So how do you make sure you aren’t missing anything from the blogs you don’t follow? Chic Feed can help. The best blogs for photos, news and style are highlighted within the app, letting you keep up to date with the news and enjoy amazing photos without having to massively grow your subscription list. I’ve found some great new favorites here, and it was essential for fashion week!


Fashion GPS Radar...

Fashion GPS Radar... itunes.apple.com

At the moment this exclusive app is by-invitation-only, but rumors have it that it’ll be opening for limited members of the public very soon – and it’s well worth downloading! This fashion app is updated with all the hottest catwalk and fashion events, including where they are taking place and what to wear, letting you organize yourself effortlessly. It even updates to show off catwalk looks and key images of how different collections evolved. An absolute must have, whether you are a fashion geek or an industry insider.


Gilt Groupe…

Gilt Groupe… itunes.apple.com

Okay, so it wasn’t so long ago that our phones were stuffed with offer and deal apps – but is the only one I’ve kept. Gilt is an iPad and iPhone app that offers breaking fashion and style deals right on the app. There is a viewing panel with great zoom, making scrutinizing outfits easy, and you can buy from right inside the app. Deals vary from whole outfits to designer pieces, sunglasses, handbags and watches…pretty much anything you could want. This fashion apps’ well worth watching!

Of course, there is a whole load of other helpful fashion apps, too – Fashion Terms is an essential, explaining the meaning behind a whole host of words from Mary Janes to Wife Beaters. I can’t resist downloading new fashion apps to give them a try – what are your favorites right now?

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Pinterest is a really good app!!!!

@Ruth I agree with gal

PopSugar Shopping is a great app as well. It has a fantastic line up of known and unknown designers who are up and coming. Highly recommended app!!

this should be called 7 apps to wAste money on . what junk

How about some affordable clothes and accessories? Everything is designer.

that or 7 ways by app to show your a despo shopping fashion victim

Hey!What about polyvore I think it's a great fashion app!!!!

I can't find SpeakChic on the iTunes Store. :(

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