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Exceptional Benefits for Students Getting Work Done Early ...

By Emily

There are so many benefits for students of getting work done early.

Are you the type to complete tasks or assignments at the very last minute? Do you suffer from procrastination? You're not alone - there are plenty of people who deal with this problem. Sadly, there is no cure or quick fix for procrastination. All that I can give you to help with this predicament is to provide some incentives for finishing your work ahead of time. So here are the best benefits for students of getting work done early.

1 Nothing Hanging over Your Head

Can you truly relax with a book or Netflix knowing that you have a 10-page paper due in three days? The more you put something off the more your stress grows. Keeping it from hanging over your head is one of the best benefits for students of getting work done early.

2 Creating Your Best Work

With the stress associated with a task, you'll be rushing through your work and not giving it your full potential. If you start early, you can take it slow and improve upon it as you go. A 10-page paper written the night before won't be as fantastic as a 10-page paper written over a week.


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3 Have Time for Yourself

Once you complete an assignment, you'll feel good about yourself and can rightfully reward yourself with some downtime. Then you can truly relax with a book or a show or movie on Netflix.

4 Time in Your Schedule for Emergencies

Having pockets of free time in your schedule will provide flexibility if something sudden or unexpected occurs in your life. Imagine that you are working on that 10-page paper and it is due in three hours. Suddenly, one of your group members on a class project contacts you about the whole project falling apart and they need you right there and then. What do you do? Now you are in the predicament where multiple things need to be done, but you are now forced to sacrifice one of them and face the consequences. If that 10-page paper was done, the only problem that will need attention was the class project.

My advice, complete a task once you are given said task. Back in college, I was taking a British Literature class and the professor informed us the first day of the final paper due at the end of the semester. Everyone else put off the paper until two weeks before the due date. I started working on the final paper after the first day and finished it two months before the due date. As my fellow classmates were stressed out about the paper along with other finals, I was at ease as I had it done it and didn't have to add it to my list of worries during finals. So please get it done.

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