Is College Right for You ?


Is College Right for You ?
Is College Right for You ?

Is college right for you?

When you say your goodbyes to your high school years, something that hits you is, what’s next? When I graduated high school, I waited about two years before I decided to go to college and let’s just say, I’m happy I did!

Most feel pressured to go to college or university right after high school but the thought of having to sit in another desk in another classroom for hours on end focused on retaining information my brain really isn’t interested in, frightened me. Really, it did. We all have views and points on the educational system and I totally agree that education is key.

But the key you take opens what door? Will it be a room you can get comfortable in, making it your own or a room you are dying to get out of? Or will it possibly be a key to open many doors? Thinking isn’t just for an essay given to you for a grade but simply to help you make good decisions in life, your life.

In my opinion, college isn’t for everybody. There have been many successful people that have succeeded doing what they love while not having a college degree or racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in school loans to only worry about having to pay once they get into the real world. So, is college right for you?

Some have racked up some coins in debt before dropping out for the fifth time. But a percentage of them have become very prosperous in succeeding in what they have had the drive to do.

Steve Jobs dropped out of college and started in his garage and now has one of the most successful companies in the world! Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard in pursuit of his vision. Oprah Winfrey dropped out and became successful enough to give her audience cars and vacations every year throughout her career. Not too shabby for a college dropout, huh? Now, this doesn’t mean go ahead and waste your parents’ money and to be like Kanye, it simply means know yourself, work for what you want and go for it with no regrets.

Many kids go to college and university because they want to make their parents proud only to put their parents in debt. Changing their major every year not being sure of what they really want to do for the rest of their lives. Not wanting to disappoint or choosing a major and getting a Bachelors’, Masters and their tenth Degree to be making next to nothing after their monthly expenses and the debt they placed themselves. College is no joke. It’s something you really have to stop and think about as your funds depend on it regardless of if you have the money or not.

I went to school for business and started my own clothing line with my sisters only to move onto individual projects. Office manager by day and storyteller by night, I can say I’m happy with the outcome. Although writing is becoming my full-time job, I still work for a well-established company that my education and experience helped me to land. I would never say college is a waste of time but does involve critical thinking.

Before I even graduated middle school, our teacher asked us to write down what we wanted to be when we got older. I thought to myself “I’m only thirteen,” not realizing you’ll need as much time as time would allow figuring out that question.

Ask yourself before you submit your application this summer, "is this something I want to do for the rest of my life? How will it benefit me? Will I be happy? Will it help me build the life I’ve always envision for myself?" Once you can answer these questions off the bat, hit the submit button and work your way to the future you, the better you.

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