7 Basic but Interesting Facts about Electricity ...


It’s all around us, though it’s invisible, and we can’t live without it, but how many facts about electricity do you know? It’s something that we probably never give a moment’s thought to until that horrendously large monthly power bill arrives, and then our thoughts are focused on cost rather than the wonder that it actually is. Here are some facts about electricity that won’t assuage the pain of the power bill but might help you appreciate it more.

1. What is Electricity?

Before we discuss any of the more interesting facts about electricity, I think it would be helpful to actually know what it is. Electricity is a natural “current” produced by a flow of electrically charged particles called electrons, one of the constituent particles of an atom. When the energy of these electrons is passed through a circuit, that energy can be used as power. So, although electricity is a natural occurrence, by introducing circuits and paths and generators, man was able to generate, harness and control the energy source.

Natural Sources of Electricity
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