Awesome Ways to French-ify Your Life ...

By Deeceebee

Awesome Ways to French-ify Your Life ...

What it is about French culture that makes people want to emulate it across the world? Whether it’s the style, the beautiful language, or the laid back, sophisticated Parisian vibe, there are definitely millions of Francophiles all over the world! If you happen to be one of them, then here are few simple ways to French-ify your life!

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1 Slow Start

Try to make your mornings as slow and stress free as possible, French people traditionally don’t go in for all of that snooze button, panic dressing, no breakfast action! Give yourself enough time at the start of the day to wake up more calmly, and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a croissant as you do it!

2 Public Affection

Don’t be scared to show a little more affection with your partner every now and then. People here can be a bit uptight about it but in France, couples are seen embracing all the time! What’s wrong with expressing your love publically?

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3 Eat for Pleasure

You rarely hear of a French woman on a strict diet! Sure, she knows what she should and shouldn’t be eating every day, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying a nice slice of cake or delicious steak when she feels up for it. Remember to eat for pleasure as well as for health!

4 French Sunday

In France, most stores and establishments are closed on Sundays, which means that that day is used more as focus to see friends and family than do anything commercial. Adopt that for yourself and commit to Sunday being a day of personal connection rather than spending and activity.

5 Luxury Lingerie

Something French woman are stereotypically famed for is their love of luxurious lingerie! Their inner sexiness and sophistication often come from having that secret set of matching armor underneath their clothes. You’d be amazed by how great good lingerie can make you feel!

6 Look Your Best

There is a notion that French woman always make a big effort to look great, no matter the occasion or the company. You can try taking a leaf out of their book by looking your best even when you are only going for a quick coffee with a friend or to the mall.

7 Embrace Your Body

Have you noticed how many women sunbathe topless on French beaches? That’s because as a nation of females, they are much more comfortable and confident in their own bodies than we are! The sooner you realise it is your confidence that makes you beautiful rather than your shape, you will instantly be more French in nature!

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