7 Awesome Practical Tips for Everyday Life ...


Tips For Everyday Life are something that always come in handy-after all, we live life everyday, right? So that is why I enjoy sharing tips for everyday life that I have discovered along the way. Little tips for everyday life that make your day go by so much smoother and easier just need to be shared with everyone else! Here are 7 awesome practical tips for everyday life that I know you AND all your friends will find helpful, interesting, and so budget wise and time saving!

1. Password Help

A password is something that you type everyday, sometimes even multiple times a day! So here's a little tip for everyday life that I came up with: Make your password inspire you! If you have been aiming to get in shape, then your password could be "run2miles". If your goal is to travel somewhere exotic, then create a password like " Hawaiivacay2012". Your brain will remember that these are your goals when you type your password, thus encouraging you to reach for them!

Have a Mint
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