Awesome 😎 Ideas πŸ’‘ for Really πŸ’― Experiencing College 🏫 ...


Many high schoolers are transitioning into the next stage of their lives whether it be working or going to college, it can be a scary but exciting next step! As a big sistah, I have been through the process and am more than happy to share my experience and advice.

1. Try New Things!

As a freshman I definitely recommend getting to meet and greet, join clubs, and seriously get exposed to new things! You’ll meet some really amazing friends who will be by your side through everything and other friends that are just going to be in your life temporarily. It’s good to keep yourself exposed to new people and ideas because it’ll open your mind to new perspectives on things. Before you know it, you’ll begin to be more open minded and start to change how you may have seen things before and you’ll learn a lot! It’s important to be mindful of the process of the personal growth that will develop within your time at college.

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