Apple's New Holiday Commercial is Sweet Enough to Make You Want to Cry ...


One thing's for sure: the holiday season is notorious for tear-jerking commercials! This year, Apple's minute-and-a-half "The Song" commercial is sweet enough to make you want to cry! It's about creating "thoughtful, emotional gifts and memories that transcend time" while of course, using a Mac, iPhone or iPad. In the commercial, a young girl takes her grandmother's old voice-o-graph (dedicated to her first love) and, using modern technology, turns the song into a duet. It's proof that a movie, homemade card, or in this case, a song can bring two generations closer together. Watch here:

So sweet, right? What'd you think of Apple's latest commercial?

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Made me tear up!

That's so sweet

That was beautiful 💕

Yup I choked a little.

Love it! Music evokes memories and this commercial really captures that fact.

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