6 Amazing U-Handbag Tutorials ...


These U-Handbag Tutorials will make you happy if you love to sew bags. I am a HUGE fan of Lisa (she is an incredibly talented lady!) and I just have to share some of the fantastic U-Handbag tutorials she has give us. If you love sewing and all things DIY, these U-Handbag tutorials are for you. Happy sewing!

1. The Love Basket

The Love Basket

How gorgeous is this bag? If you have never sewn a bag before, this is an easy U-Handbag tutorial that will give you a good push. I suggest that you use a fabric as gorgeous as the one Lisa used here so that you will be incredibly proud of what you made. Something in the girly and floral range so that it will complement the bamboo handle quite nicely.

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For Pleats' Sake
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