7 Amazing Fictional Places You Wish Were Real ...

We all have a few amazing fictional places we'd love to visit! Books, music, movies, and stage productions make it easy to find those fictional places appealing! Fantasy worlds, fictional cities, and dreamland seem much cooler than stinky ol' reality. I know of 7 amazing fictional places you probably wish were real; keep reading to find out which ones!

1. Narnia (the Chronicles of Narnia)

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I don't know about you but I think Narnia is one of the amazing fictional places that I wish was real! I mean, who wouldn't want to leave their daily problems and enter the world of Narnia? There's beautiful land, cool creatures, and the best part is you can always leave and come back! If Narnia isn't an amazing fictional place you'd wish were real, maybe the next one will catch your fancy!

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