7 Strangest Houses in the World ...


7 Strangest Houses in the World ...
7 Strangest Houses in the World ...

Of course we all have a different aesthetic sense when it comes to houses but some houses are just strange. Check out guest contributor Joanna's picks for some of the strangest houses you'll ever see.

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The Cubic House

The Cubic House Location: Rotterdam and Helmond, The Netherlands

It is quite an unique creation of architecture, but let's face it, living in such strangely-structured house will definitely have some downsides. For example, I find it very intriguing, how would I organize my things and set my furniture when the walls are not with a 90 Degree angle? It will definitely be interesting, but not for that long. I really prefer to live in a normal house.


The Fairy Tale

The Fairy Tale Location: Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA

Well, what a wonderful little home, all colored in pink and purple - a true delight! ... or not so much! Think about it for a minute! If you are a woman, yeah, right, I get it, but how will you manage to get a guy to even visit you when your house looks like a wedding cake? And moreover, do you remember the story of Hansel and Gretel? There are only bad, ugly witches living in such houses!


The Glass Home

The Glass Home Location: Milan, Italy

Oh what a exquisite state of art, what a masterpiece! Clean, sleek design, plain glossy surfaces letting trough the daylight in your home,... and some stalking observers too! If you have ever dreamed to live in a glass house, somewhere in the wild nature, take some time and think again! I know killing your dream is not the best thing to do, but I am sure you don't really want to live in an aquarium. Moreover, how's gonna take care of cleaning all those glossy surfaces. I bet you will be needing to hire tile and grout cleaning specialists at least two time's per month.


The Tower

The Tower Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

We all wish to have a big balcony with a beautiful view out of it, but living in a tower has some downsides. For instance, how do you plan on getting back home when the elevator breaks? Throwing tied up bed sheets out of the window works only on the way down and we are really not sure how well it works.


The Ice House:

The Ice House: Location: Toronto, Canada

Seems amazingly good for the hot Summer days, but what if the weather isn't that good? This is definitely an unusual house design, but it is not so convenient. There are no windows, and it is really hard to arrange the furniture around when the walls are so rounded. Anyways, it looks cool and will most certainly bring a lot of tourists in your city.


The Boot House:

The Boot House: Location: Mumbai, India

Well, I guess this one has been inspired by the homeowner's job or something like this and it really is unique, but after all, it is just a boot. Who wants to live in a house shaped like something that is usually related to bad smells? I'm sure I wouldn't want to live in such place. What do you think?


The Rock:

The Rock: Location: Portugal (coordinates: +41° 29' 17.70", -8° 4' 3.53")

This one is a brilliant example how you can use the nature to create a little, cozy home. This one seems to me like a strange, but still very intriguing idea for a house. I bet the stone walls will keep a regular temperature as if you live inside a cave. Looks like it is a great home to live in during the hot days!

Sometimes, living in a classically designed home is the best choice. Jumping into modern, strange-shaped interiors and patchwork designs might be the hottest trend of the interior design, but usually, what's best for us is a to create a simple, well-organized place, decorated with things we value - a place we can call home.

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Cool but the glass house would be scary

The glass house definetley has a lack of privacy.You would have to change under your blankets.

The boot house idea probably comes from that old fairy tale type story. And the fairy tale house would look nice with a different color :) as for glass no thanks! I'd be too worried about it breaking

The rock! I can now fulfill my dream of being Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants!

In the glass house, don't throw stones! Or any other hard object! It reminds me of the house in thirteen ghosts...spooky

Pretty sure the shoe one is inspired from "the little old lady who lived in a shoe" or whatever story it was haha

Where are these places...?

These are awesome! What country are these fun houses in?

The rock one is cool

Why did the writer have to be so negative about each house?

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