9 Worst Grammar Mistakes That Are Surprisingly Common ...


Everybody makes grammar mistakes;

there are so many rules governing language that we will never remember all of them.

Yet some grammatical errors are far too common, even though they should be easy to avoid.

Here are some grammar mistakes that you often see …

1. There/Their

One of the most common grammar mistakes is to mix up their and there.

It's not that difficult to distinguish between the two!

Here's an example to show the difference: Their books are over there.

Their is a possessive.

Some people also get confused by they're.

That is a contraction of they are.

2. Must of/Should of

I must of done or I should of done are also used far too frequently.

The correct form is should have.

This mistake most likely comes about because have sounds rather like of when it's spoken.

Make sure you get it right in written form.

3. …and Me

How often do you hear someone saying him and me went to the cinema?

Neither pronoun is correct here.

Take each one out of the sentence and you'll see how it should read.

Him went or me went are clearly wrong.

It should read He and I went to the cinema.

4. Your/You're

Your wrong!

Yes, you most certainly are.

It may be confusing that some words sound alike, but it shouldn't be that complicated to pick the correct one.

Your is a possessive;

you're is a contraction of you are.

5. Accept/except

The following text is found on many eBay sellers' pages: "I do not except responsibility in the case of a lost parcel".

Leaving aside that eBay wouldn't agree with this statement, it should read "I do not ACCEPT responsibility".

Funnily enough the confusion never seems to occur the other way round - you don't see I except all forms of payment.

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