7 Worst Cliches to Avoid during a Job Interview ...


When seeking new employment, be sure you stay far away from these tragic cliches to avoid during a job interview.2

These cliches are answers that most people think potential employers want to hear, but I can promise you, they don’t!

Cliches used during interviews are those text-book answers we all think are the right thing to say, but your potential employer is smarter than that!

Read up on these cliches to avoid during a job interview so you can get the job you want and you might just get that callback you’re hoping for!

1. Ideal Employee

The worst of all cliches to avoid during a job interview is assuring your interviewer that you’re the “ideal employee.” How many times do you think they hear that, really?

A lot, I can tell you!

Sure, everyone thinks they’re the ideal employee because they want the job.

However, don’t use this line.

It’s needy, desperate and is not what your potential employer wants to hear.

Want to prove you’re ideal?

Tell them what qualities you hold that make you fit for the job, and show them proof on your resume.

2. Other Job Threats

Whatever you do, don’t tell your interviewer that you already have so many other awesome offers.2

Sure, you’re there to show them you’re worth hiring, but remember they are interviewing many candidates and not looking to hire one that throws threats or intimidation their way.

Most likely, if you use this line, you won’t hear back anything from the company you interviewed with.

Don’t expect them to get on their knees and beg for you to choose them to hire you.2

They won’t!

3. Lying about Your Work Ethics

Don’t tell an interviewer that you’re a work-a-holic if you hate staying past office hours, always arrive late or like to gossip around the office.

Don’t offer to do anything they ask you to either, they might just take you up on it- without extra pay!

Instead, just tell them what you hope to gain from the job, learn from the job and what you can contribute, but don’t lie.

It will get you in more trouble than you can imagine.

It also sounds like a fake pitch most interviewers hear way too often.

Lying about Your Job History
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