What Are the Benefits of Talking to Total Strangers?


When we were kids, we were told not to talk to strangers for safety reasons.

When we’re adults, there are all sorts of reasons we don’t talk to people we randomly encounter.

Pretty silly really because there are some great people out there who can enrich our lives if only we shared a conversation.

Not convinced?

Read on…

1. You Can Make a Great Friend

You Can Make a Great Friend

One of the best reasons to talk to strangers is that you never know which stranger is going to make the leap in to becoming a great and lifelong friend.

When you think about it, everybody in your life was a stranger once, and if you hadn’t of made the decision to enter in conversation and communication with them, they wouldn’t be in your life in the way that they are right now!2

What makes the stranger on the subway any different?

2. Expands Your World View

Expands Your World View

Due to the nature of friendships, we tend to surround ourselves with people who share a pretty similar outlook on life as we do.

However, having a conversation with a stranger about any given topic can be really interesting in the fact that it opens up your world view and puts you in to contact with opinions and beliefs that you may not have necessarily thought about or considered before.

This is the beauty of sharing with strangers.

3. Improved Social Skills

Improved Social Skills

Over time, we develop a level of comfort and safety with our friends and family that can almost in a way stunt our social skills.2

For example, you might have a way of talking, almost a shorthand, with your closest companions that is nearly unintelligible to the outside world!

Talking to strangers can help to improve your social skills because it forces you to be more formal and ‘official’ than you might be with your nearest and dearest.

Improved Assertiveness
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