9 Ways to Tone Your Arms ...


If youโ€™re looking for Ways to Tone Your Arms, youโ€™re not alone. After butt and abs, the arms are the most complained-about body partsโ€ฆ who wants flabby arms that keep waving after youโ€™ve stopped? But no worries. Flabby arms can be a thing of the past with these 9 ways to tone your arms. Show of hands: whoโ€™s ready to get started and go sleeveless this spring?

1. Push Ups

Never underestimate the power of the humble push up. According to my personal trainer, push ups in the right form are perhaps the perfect exercise for toning all of your muscle groups. Itโ€™s one of the best ways to tone your arms. So whatโ€™s the perfect push up look like? There are dozens of kinds of proper push ups, but the key is to keep your back straight.

Pull Ups
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