7 Ways to Prepare for a Natural Disaster ...


If hurricane season teaches us one thing every year, it’s that we are, to almost a one, completely unprepared for the storms and super-storms it lashes us with and that we need better ways to prepare for a natural disaster.

All year long, we see adverts telling us all the ways to plan for a natural disaster, but until it’s upon us, we keep putting our own preparations off.

I’m not saying you need to get obsessive about it, like the people on “Doomsday Preppers,” but there are lots of tips to prepare for a natural disaster that we should consider.2

So set aside a little cash for supplies, get a pencil and paper ready, and write down these natural disaster preparations, so you can be ready.

1. Keep Informed

Staying informed is one of the best ways to prepare for a natural disaster.

If you can afford it, set aside cash for an NOAA radio, which will receive broadcasts of emergency information.

Also, your own local agencies will have their own ways to communicate emergency natural and accidental disaster information, so check with them to learn how to stay informed.

2. Gather Supplies





First aid and medical supplies (including prescriptions for all family members).3

Non-perishable food.

Diapers and such for baby.

Make a list of everything, and I mean everything, your family (including pets) will need to survive for two weeks, then gather all of the items you can, and store them in a secure place, one you can access quickly.

Don’t forget a manual can opener, trash bags, your eye glasses, and some books, games and toys for kids.

3. Stock Food and Water

How much food and water should you stock for each person, as a way to prepare for a natural disaster?

Store one gallon per day, per person, for at least a week, possibly two.

You’ll want food for at least a week, too.2

Make a List
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