7 Ways to Be More Resilient ...


7 Ways to Be More Resilient ...
7 Ways to Be More Resilient ...

If you're looking for ways to be more resilient then I have some tips that may help. Resilience in life is key and we all encounter pot holes and speed bumps along the road that is called life. Some of them can stop us from progressing but these ways to be more resilient will ensure that those metaphorical obstacles on life's path will help you grow stronger.

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One of the ways to be more resilient is to develop your confidence. It is our confidence in ourselves and our abilities that gives us the impetus to move forward and achieve our goals. Having confidence means that we will keep knocking on doors, despite the fact that the previous ten may have been slammed in our faces.



Adaptability is also important where resilience is concerned. Resilience is synonymous with flexibility so being open to change and being able to embrace it is vital in the world of work and in the world in general. Companies and organizations are always changing and being able to bend and fold with them will see you in good stead. So the next time there is a change in your work place don't feel afraid. Embrace the change and look at all the wonderful things you may be able to gain as a result.



Unfortunately, life isn't going to hand us what we want - oftentimes we need to go out and get it. Resilience is about being proactive and looking for opportunities rather than waiting for them to knock on our doors. Sometimes it will come to us but sometimes we need to go out there and look for opportunities ourselves.


I'm a Survivor

Resilient people are survivors. I know, I have that Destiny's Child song playing in my head now too! it's a great one to have ringing in your ears as it reminds you that you are a survivor and that no matter what, you can get back up again and work towards achieving your goals.


Get Connected

Getting connected is also important. You need a good social and professional network in order to build your resilience. Resilient people are able to call on others when the need arises. There are so many ways to get connected nowadays and with so many social and professional networking platforms, you can feel safe in the knowledge that someone out there will be able to help in times of need.


In Control

Resilient people don't lose control. They might channel their frustrations through other means for example in the gym but they are in control of their emotions and are emotionally intelligent. Of course, resilience isn't synonymous with robotic and it doesn't mean that resilient people don't lose their cool every now and then. They do however, use every experience to learn how to best channel their energy next time.



Resilient people are skills wise too. They have a number of skills or they're at least aware of their skills set. And before you scream, 'but I don't have many skills!' that's just not true. One way to build your resilience is to be aware of the many skills you actually have. You may think you are limited in the skills department but if you take a moment to think about the job that you do and the skills required to do it, you will realize that you're more resilient than you think.

These are some of the main ways to be more resilient. Can you think of any more ways?

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