10 Ways to Get the Most out 👍of College 🏫 ...


Are you a lady working toward your degree and looking for ways to get the most out of college?

We like to think we have it all figured out, but college can be hard, and we could all use some extra tricks and tips.

From studying to talking to the cuties in class, here are 10 ways to get the most out of college.

1. Take (and Love) Your Notes

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Getting the most out of college means it's time to break out your cute pens and highlighters, and get to work. Take notes that you like to look at, because sadly, to study well you’ll be looking at them a lot!

2. Stay Organized


Being disorganized is a sure way to fail and means you'll dread class.

Stock up on cute folders and notebooks that you’ll want to keep track of.

3. Find a Study Buddy

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Be it your roommate, the girl that sits next to you in biology, or the hottie from across the hall, find someone who will go over those notes with you.

Having someone to study with makes it a whole lot more bearable.

4. Dress How You Want to

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Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about going to class in your pyjamas, or on the flip side, about going to class in heels.

Wear what you want and what you feel good in.

You’ll be more productive if you aren’t overthinking your outfit.

5. Talk to That Cutie

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Don’t be nervous about talking to anyone.

You’re all in the same place trying to earn your degree!

Plus, there are plenty of places to meet people around campus.

A friendly, “Hi, what’s your major?” goes a long way, and is a good conversation starter.

6. Use the Rec Center

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Besides being a good place to hang out and meet people, the dining halls on campus can sure kill a diet.3

The rec center is a great place to fix the potential for college weight gain.

Also, remember exercise is good for the mind and for stress relief!

Avoid Skipping!
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