7 Ways to Distract Yourself from Your Boring Reality ...


Routine is a killer.

If you've been waking up everyday just to go to work, eat, and then sleep until the next day when you do it all over again, you could probably use a distraction from your mundane life.

Everyone craves adventure, which is why we become so frustrated when we're stuck in a rut.2

If you don't have the money or the means to turn your life into an adventure, here are a few simple ways to distract yourself from your boring reality:

1. Read

When you read, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into an entirely new world.

That’s why you should pick a genre based off of whatever part of your life you feel is lackluster.

If you’re sick of being single, read a romance novel.

If you wish you could travel the world, read an autobiography about a celebrity who has already seen all there is to see.

If you wish you were born in a different decade, pick up a book about time travel or even skim though a nonfictional history book.

2. Watch Netflix

There's a logical reason why Netflix is so polar.2

It contains comedies, romcoms, documentaries, and reality shows for you to watch at your convenience.

If you're bored of your bland life, but aren't in the mood to skim your eyes across a page, then you can settle for watching whatever Netflix has to offer.

3. Exercise

Exercising seems like a chore, but it can actually help more than your body.

It can also relax your mind by helping you forget about all of your boring responsibilities.

When you're running or lifting weights, you'll be so focused on the task at hand that you'll clear your mind of all of the mundane thoughts about your life.

4. Play Video Games

If you've never been interested in video games before, you're not looking in the right places.

There are types of games for every type of person.

You can play something mindless, play a shooting game, play a story-based game, or play a game that allows you to speak to your friends over a microphone.

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