5 Ways to Avoid or Reduce Debt โ€ฆ.. and Spend More


With all of the worries of the economy, job security, and saving money, we rarely think about ways we can spend more especially when we have kids.

Are you someone who has credit card debt or doesn't want a credit card because it might cause more debt that you really don't need right now?

Perhaps there are ways you can get around all of that.

Mike from Financial Factsis here today to show us 5 Ways to Avoid or Reduce Debt...and maybe even Spend More!

Being Credit Card Smart...

"Youโ€™d think that spending more would usually equal more debt, right?2

Well, not if youโ€™re clever.

Find thebest credit card dealsand you can really increase your spending power, while avoiding the debt trap.

Want to know how?

Read on..."

1. Get a Cash Back Credit Card...

"Credit card issuers offer a range of cash back deals, aimed at enticing new customers in.

Although itโ€™s important to check the other features of the card, such as the APR, before signing up, if used in the right way cash back cards can prove a real money saver.

For example, some cards will offer a percentage of cash back in a certain supermarket โ€“ meaning youโ€™re effectively getting a discount on everything you buy in that store."

Get an Air Miles Credit Card...
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