Up Your Instagram Game: 7 Fun Things You Can Post Instead of Selfies ...


Instagram is a great place to post photos of yourself, but let’s get real.

That gets old.

You don’t want to see pictures of people all the time, though you do enjoy them now and then.

Chances are that others feel the same way.

But don’t worry because you can update your Instagram account with tons of photos that are things other than your lovely face.2

Don’t stop posting selfies, just tone it down a bit and mix it up with these great ideas.

1. Your Adorable and Quirky Pet Dog, Cat, Bird, Hedgehog…

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Instagram is a great place to share photos of your strange pet.

Think about Grumpy Cat.

His photos have gone viral.

Same with Tuna the Chiweenie.

Do you have a pet that has a quirky facial feature or a weird habit of sleeping in strange places?

Take advantage of that and make your pet an Instagram megastar.

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