7 Tips on How to Win Your Best Friend Back ...


If you are wondering how to win your best friend back after recently having a falling out or drifting apart, keep on reading!

Best friends are a great support system and are there for you through thick and thin, but not all friendships are eternal.

Itโ€™s almost guaranteed that your friendship will hit bumps here and there, which can lead to its demise or just strengthen the relationship.2

If you are not ready to let go of the closest person to you outside your family, here are some tips on how to win your best friend back.

1. Give Them Space

Whether you just had a heated quarrel with your best friend or the atmosphere has just been tense between the two of you, take some time for yourself and at the same time give them space.

This will give you time to think things through and think of the best way to carry out your plan of action on how to win your best friend back.

Absence of contact will also give your friend time to sort things out in her or his head, which will make the future conversation much easier since both sides would be able to elucidate their feelings.2

2. Patch Things up

After taking some time for yourself, it might be time to converse with your friend in person.

This can be your chance to express your concerns about the state of your friendship and share your true feelings in a calm and reasonable manner.

Let your friend know why you felt hurt or why you suddenly feel distant because it's more than likely he or she didn't know the effects of their actions.

3. Hear the Other Side

Conversations are always between two people, so after your finish talking itโ€™s time to hear the other side out without any interruptions.

Try to understand their feelings too and put yourself in their shoes.

If you make them feel like you completely understand their position and regret hurting their feelings, chances are that they will forgive you too and let go of their hurt.

Make Compromises
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