8 Tips for Winning an Argument ...


What are your best tips for winning an argument?

Conflict is a fact of life, whether it’s arguing with your man, disagreeing with your parents or debating with your friends, but did you know that it’s your technique that wins the argument?

While I wouldn’t recommend arguing with anyone without a valid point – and a clear idea of what you are hoping to achieve – here’s the top tips for winning an argument and clearing up the conflict.

Give them a try!

1. Speak up…

Do you sulk?

I can be notorious for preferring to keep my mouth shut and get on with things rather than face any conflict or criticism, but it does build up under the surface, and sooner or later everyone erupts.

Burying your problems and feelings can lead to the end of relationships and friendships, and will often cause severe unhappiness.

One of the best tips for winning an argument is to start the argument in the first place – speak up about what’s wrong, and give yourself the best chance of putting it right.

2. Talk Things through…Carefully…

Women love to share.

As soon as we need to talk something through, whether it’s an exciting opportunity or a nightmare situation, we turn to our friends to talk.

It’s a great way to get support, and everyone knows a problem shared is a problem halved – but only if you share it with the right people.

Your friends will be automatically biased both towards you and towards themselves, and it’s very difficult not to project your own issues onto someone who asked for help.

Finding out the whole world now knows about your private issues isn’t great, either.

Be careful who you share with, and make sure the people you trust are completely trustworthy.3

3. Breathe and Think…

Has someone just upset you?

Our natural response to criticism is to lash out, and many people find themselves shouting if they feel upset.2

This isn’t the best response, though.

Take a few minutes to breathe through what has been said, and think about it.

If it’s a serious issue, going for a walk and giving yourself time to think without needing to respond can be hugely beneficial, too.

When you do talk it out, either adopt a quiet tone of voice, or do it somewhere private.

Arguing in a coffee shop or restaurant isn’t the best way to solve problems!

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