7 Things a Game of Thrones Newbie Needs to Know ...


Whether you are a Game of Thrones newbie or you’ve read through all five books and are impatiently waiting the next, you’ll have noticed the GoT fever sweeping over the world.

The third season of the TV adaptation hit our screens this week, and HBO were expecting mammoth audiences across the globe.

But if you are just getting into George R.R Martin’s amazing world, here’s the things a Game of Thrones newbie needs to know…

1. It’s Called Westeros…

It’s Called Westeros…

Game of Thrones is set in a land called Westeros.

North Westeros is permanently in Winter, and is split from the south by a giant 700ft high wall, manned by a brotherhood of soldiers called the Night’s Watch.

The Watch is tasked with protecting the South from anything further North.

The rest of Westeros is split into castles and settlements.

Winterfell is the northern-most city, and is home to the Stark family.

The Vale of Arryn is home to House Arryn, and the Riverlands are home to House Tully.

Storm’s End is home to House Baratheon, and the Westerlands are home to House Lannister.

The main seat of power in Westeros is King’s Landing, in the southeast.2

The Iron Throne is here.

(Game of Thrones newbie, worry not.

You don't really need to memorise this!)

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