7 Simple Situations That Anxiety Can Make Difficult ...


There are everyday situations that anxiety can make difficult.2

Socializing can be scary and comes more easily to some than it does to others.

You might feel like your life’s being controlled by your fright, but don’t let it get you down.

There are hundreds of people that are in the same boat and dread the following situations that anxiety can make difficult.

1. Awful Appointments

Going to the dentist is never fun.

You get poked, prodded, and have to deal with questions about how often you brush and floss.

No one wants to feel judged and told that they should take better care of themselves.2

Even the hair salon, which the movies make look so relaxing, can be stressful.

You’re obliged to talk to the hairdresser when you just want to keep quiet.

Appointments are one of the many situations that anxiety can make difficult, but they’re an essential part of life.

2. Fearful Phone Calls

Calling in sick for work, making an appointment, or even phoning for pizza can be stressful.

What if you fumble your words or don’t know how to respond to what the other person says?

If you’re nervous, write down what you have to say before you dial.

Remember that the person on the other end of the receiver can’t see you, so at least you don’t have to make eye contact and smile.

All you need to focus on is what you’re saying.

3. Painful Parties

If your friend invites you to a party where you don’t know anyone, you’ll have to converse with strangers.2

If you don’t, you’ll be stuck sitting alone and snacking on finger foods.

Even if there are a few people you know, you don’t want to follow them around all night, acting like their shadow.

As scary as it sounds, parties are a great opportunity for you to get more comfortable talking to others.

Chances are you’ll never see them again, so it doesn’t matter if you embarrass yourself.

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