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There are cute pets, and then there are the pets so adorable, they make us squeal with delight and immediately launch a search to find one of our very own.

Here's a list I've pulled together of dozens of cute pets, of my own someday menagerie...

get ready to swoon!

1. Pig in the Snow

Pig in the Snow

Via Snow Piggies

Of all the cute pets on the Internet, this sweet little piggie is the one I want most.

Look at that sweet little snout!

I just want to knit him a little scarf and keep him cozy all winter long!

2. Tabby Kitty

Tabby Kitty

Via Tilda by Atreja on DeviantArt

This darling little tabby is playing hide and seek, and she found my heart!

3. Corgi Puppy

Corgi Puppy

Via Cute Pet: Corgi Puppy...probably the ...

All puppies are cute, but Corgis seem to be the cutest of them all.

Wanna play fetch?

4. Begging


Via .

Is he begging for kitty treats, or was he caught in the middle of playing with a toy?

Either way, so cute!

5. St. Patrick

St. Patrick

Via BuzzFeed

Who knew St.

Patrick was a beagle mix?

He's adorable!

6. Carrot?


Via A Little Carrot for a ...

This sweet little bunny loves his carrots!

Look at those fluffy little ears!

7. American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

Via ladyy-luck

He looks so sad,you just want to give him belly rubs and ear scratches.

8. Golden Hamster

Golden Hamster

Via Golden Hamster

What a darling little puff-ball of fur!

He looks so soft!

9. Cute Baby Tortoise

Cute Baby Tortoise

Via Free Online Picture Resizer - ...

He's so tiny, and looks so fragile, I'd be afraid to break him!

10. Adorable!


Via Freekibble's September Slide Show

I don't know what breed of dog this is, but I want one, today!

11. Markings


Via robrayo.com

Isn't it adorable when kitties and puppies have unique markings on their sweet little faces?2

English Bulldog Puppy
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